A place to just be…

Yoga Room 2

On our journey of finding ourselves, our first stop was Yoga. Yoga was our first love and still is. It has taught us patience, the ability to take a step back and breathe, it was out first step towards meditation,  and to better health and well being.


For my 31st birthday my wonderful hubby decided due to my love for Yoga and my yearning for my own space in the house without the kids or him there to take over, he made me Yoga room 🙂 This was the best gift anyone could have given me because it wasn’t just a room for Yoga, it was a room for me to use as a getaway to just sit and be. It has also become a place for Kate and I to practice Yoga, or sit and ponder life and our business and life journey together. The kids also love my space and it has helped them become more in tune with themselves and have some quiet time with me at bedtime practicing Yoga together.


Yoga and meditation are something all kids should be aware of. It is really helpful in their development and to help them have some quiet time to reflect as well. Even though it is hard for them to sit still for as long as an adult can it still benefits them.

Bring Yoga into your life and your families life, even if it is just for a little I promise you won’t regret it.




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