The Power of Being Positive


People often spout sayings such as “you get what you give”, “what you put in is what you will get out”, “what goes around comes around” in an effort to promote that being positive and doing good will, in essence, bring you positivity and goodness; while doing the opposite will bring you just that.

Being positive doesn’t come easy to most of us, but it is a skill you can work on and develop. Positivity is something you have to work at, nurture, and grow. It is much easier to look at a situation and say “this sucks” “I hate this” “I can’t wait until this is over” than it is to say “I am grateful I had this opportunity today” “I am thankful that I got to learn from this” and “it is a blessing that I am present for this opportunity to grow”.

The power of positive intention is very real. By being positive and uplifting, it is true that you will attract positive and uplifting things into your life. In the work place, for example, if you make a conscious effort to promote the benefits of your job (i.e. my job provides me with an income, my job provides me with the opportunity to meet new people, my job provides me a way to develop new skills) getting through what may at one time have seemed like an arduous day, suddenly doesn’t seem so. You feel lighter, happier. Your co-workers will pick up on your positive energy and it will benefit them as well.

Positivity can be contagious. If we all made a conscious effort to be more appreciative of the simple things the universe has blessed us with, the world would truly become a brighter place. I know in my day to day life I have begun a simple ritual of being grateful for at least one thing every day. Whether it be “today I am grateful for the opportunity to get out of bed this morning” or “today I am grateful for patience in dealing with my toddler”, I try to make a conscious effort to recognize things that I have been blessed with.

I have also begun choosing a simple “positive intention” from an envelope I have filled with them. Every morning I choose one and display it at my desk in my office. Today my positive intention reads “I am always a picture of prosperity.” Now this may not mean financial prosperity, but I consider myself to be quite prosperous in other areas of my life. By believing this to be true and by being grateful for this, I am opening myself to receive other blessings from the universe.

I hope that this little message has given you pause, and perhaps encouraged you to see things from a different angle.

Stay positive! 🙂





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