Aromatherapy and Our Emotions

I know we have all heard the term “Aromatherapy” but not all of us truly know what it means or how long it has actually been around or  how scents can stimulate and balance our emotions.

For centuries scientists and psychologists have been searching and trying to understand the phenomena we call emotions. They cannot definitively explain everything that relates to emotions or the mechanisms around them however we are pretty certain that they do play a large part in influencing our well being.

For thousands of years Aromatherapy has been used to influence ones emotions but was never give the actual term “Aromatherapy” until the 20th century. By definition it is used to describe the practice of using essential oils to enhance our psychological and physical well being. There is a lot now known about Aromatherapy but just recently more and more is being discovered around how scents actually affect our emotions.

One thing I have found in my research and from reading many articles around aromatherapy is that everyone responds to scents so differently. Each trigger and response to the oils is unique to each person but one thing that is always true is we all have emotions. Diffusing oils is one of the most common ways people use aromatherapy everyday.

Essential oils work differently for everyone not only when it comes to emotions but also when it comes to your well being. That is why there are always several suggestions offered when you research each oil. Example, some may say that using lavender helps to promote a restless sleep and helps one to relax. This may be true for some people but I have heard from others that diffusing lavender at night actually keeps them awake. This is just due to our body chemistries and how they differ between us all. I encourage people to never give up if one oil doesn’t work for you, but try and try again because sometimes it is just not working for you in the way it would for someone else. Below I have posted an Aromatherapy wheel that we use as wellness advocates with dōTERRA. 


*image property of dōTERRa

One reason Kate and I started to include lava beads in our bracelets was so that people can use them as essential diffusers all day because we believe that Aromatherapy does work and has helped the both of us. The lava bead holds the essential oil scent for you throughout the day and helps to balance your emotions as you wear your bracelets. Example,the Elevation blend by dōTERRA is one I like to use on days at work when I need to stay focused and keep my energy levels up. I also LOVE the scent of that blend.Kate loves to use Lavender because she finds it calming to have on throughout the day and it is also one of her favourite scents 😉 in the photo below the black beads are lava rock which are natural and hold the essential oils.

FEBRUARY 2015 091
If you are at all interested in learning more about essential oils or purchasing them, sharing them or becoming a wellness advocate yourself please contact us for more information or visit Here . Please also contact us if you are interested in having an essential oil infused bracelet. We can custom make them for you or add in a lava bead or two to any of our current designs.

I am actually attending an “Aroma Touch Therapy” course in a few weeks to learn how to perform Aroma touch and learn more about how specific scents affect our emotions. I will definitely have a part two to this post once I finish the course.


Stay tuned to learn more about essential oils and our journey to helping balance our emotions.


*image property of dōTERRa


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

*references used dōTERRa Living magazine Winter 2015/2016 Pages 34/35

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