Jump In


Change can be defined as “the act or instance of making or becoming different”.

It’s funny, something that can be seen as such a simple transition that is easy to adapt to and appreciate to some, can be viewed as an overwhelming, uncomfortable transition to others.

I used to dread change. In some ways, I still do. Coping with anxiety throughout a large portion of my life, ‘change’ was always a sensitive subject for me. I had (and still have to some extent) a fear of the unknown. “But what if this happens? But what if I fail? But what if they get angry with me?”. But what if none of these things happen? I was never quick to ask myself “But what if I succeed? But what if I excel? But what if they are impressed by me?”.

Why is it always so easy for us to be filled with self doubt over self confidence? Why are some of the first questions we ask ourselves when presented with a new opportunity “what could go wrong here?” instead of “what could go right? What opportunities could come from this? How could I excel at this?”

I have found this topic weighing heavily on me lately. Being presented with new opportunities, I have found my first reaction to be “Am I good enough for this? Am I smart enough? Is my work nice enough?” when I should be thinking “I am so grateful for this new opportunity. I am worthy. I am going to do a great job.”

A huge part of accepting change and embracing new challenges is refraining from fearing the unknown. Most of the time, our fears are unfounded and the worst doesn’t actually happen. We should stop anticipating the worst possible outcome, and prepare ourselves instead for the greatest possible outcome. EMBRACE the unknown! Get excited about all of the wonderful things that are going to happen when you finally say “yes” to change, instead of looking back with regret and saying “I wish I had accepted that opportunity”.

I am working on accepting new challenges and changes with open arms, as I have found that any time I have done so lately, great new things have happened. I have met amazing new people and have gotten to be a part of interesting new endeavors. My new goal is to stop hesitating. Stop saying “should I?”. JUMP IN! Take a risk. Be accountable, but embrace the change. You never know what could come from jumping in. Perhaps something as simple as a lesson learned, or something as huge as a new business opportunity, you will never know unless you take the risk and TRY!

– @Niyamama_Kate




4 thoughts on “Jump In

  1. Well said.

    I can’t recall who said it but as I read your blog I was reminded of these words: “You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

    Godspeed Kate.

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